Re: variables/mixins in chrome

On Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 12:29 AM, Daniel Glazman
<> wrote:
> I'm reading and I am
> really surprised to read "the time until this starts showing up in
> nightly builds of Webkit is measurable in months"...
> Your cross-css/javascript variables proposal raises a few important
> concerns and I think the whole thing should be discussed in the WG
> _BEFORE_ Google starts implementing it.
> Last thing, I really dislike when a new proposal does not give back to
> Caesar what belongs to Caesar, in other terms when references are not
> present. It's a question of politeness, correctness and document
> quality. The original proposal for CSS Variables is [1].
> [1]

Dang it, Daniel, I was drafting an email about Variables *yesterday*,
and planning to send it on Monday.

I'll go ahead and send it now, I guess.  One sec.


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