[css3-lists] counter-reset and counter-increment


The counter-reset and counter-increment properties are not defined in 
Lists and Counters Level 3, while they are mentioned in the prose (in 
section 2) and used in examples.

They are defined in CSS3 Content, but that spec is marked as obsolete 
and the definition seems to be the same as in CSS 2.1. Lists 3 should 
explicitly link to either 2.1 or Content 3 for defining these properties.

Also, section 12.5.1 of CSS 2.1 reads:

CSS 2.1 does not define how the list numbering is reset and incremented. 
This is expected to be defined in the CSS List Module [CSS3LIST].

Lists 3 defines that lists are based on the list-item counter, and that 
`display: list-item` increments that counter. However there is nothing 
normative about resetting this counter. Only the sample stylesheet 
suggests that or and ul elements reset the list-item counter.

Does this mean that the counter is not reset anywhere else unless author 
or user stylesheets have a counter-reset rule? Iím thinking of lists 
made without ul/ol/li elements but with `display: list-item`.

Simon Sapin

Received on Friday, 2 December 2011 18:18:05 UTC