Re: [css3-images] radial gradient syntax ED changed and immediately WD'd?

On Thu, Dec 1, 2011 at 1:13 AM, Brian Manthos <> wrote:
> From the IRC log
> I get the impression that Fantasai updated the syntax yet again, and it was
> immediately resolved to move the new syntax to WD with little-to-no-vetting
> of the changes after less than 24hr of the edit.
> Given that it took over a week – and significant time investment – to reach
> the ED syntax that was there before 11/29, and there was zero discussion on
> that syntax proposal prior to the 11/29 edit over a 3 week period .... isn’t
> it overly aggressive, or rather premature, to immediately kick that new edit
> to WD?
> I kind of feel like my time was wasted.
> I haven’t even seen the new proposed grammar but I am already suspect that
> it likely has issues given that it is being rushed.  In previous “rushes” of
> this module, I’ve typically found at least 2 issues.
> I’ll try to review the 11/29 edits to the ED tomorrow or the next day, other
> work priorities allowing.

The only change was the removal of "to" from the grammar, along with
the minor changes that implies.  I've updated both the abbreviated
grammar and the expanded, so it should be easy to examine.


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