Please improve the CSS syntax

Hey folks, I was just wondering if anyone had any inclination
to implementing native support for something like SASS CSS (and even HAML
markup for HTML)  in future specifications?

As a developer I feel that it's about time that the rather basic and often
verbose CSS syntax got an overhaul!

It's all well and good adding new features like those of CSS3 but they're
still implemented in the same way as all of the other styles. What I would
at the very least like to see is native support for things like nested
styles. I mean there's a small slew of 'improved' CSS engines out there that
add a host of new and desirable features, tools and syntactical advantages
not present in CSS but they all need to be compiled into the 'standard' CSS
syntax at some point. Whilst server side processing of these scripts may be
fast it seems almost obtuse to write a style sheet in one language that then
has to interpret this in to another language before the browser can
understand it.

I had originally thought of maybe getting browser to natively support SCSS
style sheets<>,
but it was suggested that I should post my suggestions here instead, so here
you go. What do people think?

-- Chris --

Received on Wednesday, 31 August 2011 17:09:38 UTC