Re: [css3-selectors] [css4-selectors] [CSS21] pseudo grammar conflicts with BCP 47 (RFC4647) for :lang()

* Arron Eicholz wrote:
>I think we are getting somewhat off my original point. I'm not asking to
>change the definition of :lang(). It is already defined to support BCP47
>which includes RFC4647 for any matching that it needs to do. What is
>incorrect now is the grammar defining what can go into :lang(). This
>grammar was never updated to account for changes when RFC4647 was
>created to replace parts of RFC3066 within BCP47. The spec states that 
>you should use the successor to BCP47 which means if the grammar 
>requirements change for the successor (within RFC5646 and RFC4647) then 
>the grammar in CSS should change.

You are mistaken. In CSS 2.1 the definition is "Whether there is a match
is based solely on the identifier C being either equal to, or a hyphen-
separated substring of, the element's language value, in the same way as
if performed by the '|=' operator" with no mention of any wildcards and
BCP 47 is referenced only informatively in a note unrelated to matching.
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