RE: [css3-images] ED -> WD? and moving forward

(1) What's the status on pushing a new WD (from revision 1.166)?
(2) Is there a tracking system somewhere for documenting the open issues?  For those of us that would like to move forward with un-prefixing gradients / CR, that would be very useful tool for focusing our efforts and discussion.

For (2) I know of the following topics but none of them seem worthy of holding up LC, IMO:
(a) [Brad] proposal to wholesale replace the second parameter of radial-gradient
(b) [Shane] color stop fixing rule ordering
(c) [Alan] concerns with interpolation of new corner-to-corner vs. old corner-to-corner
(d) [Alan] discussion about pre-multiplied (and "post-multiplied"), but I'm not clear on the proposal or the issue with the spec

In short (more in-depth analysis in previous mails), my opinions on those 4 topics are:
(a) Strongly recommend against the proposal.  What we currently have is more powerful and time tested.  
(b) Prefer current behavior.  Also "change the behavior of a property because one transition implementation doesn't like it" is a bad precedent.
(c) Prefer current ED to Feb WD.   I think the concerns have been addressed in significant depth.
(d) Spec is fine.

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>> > Can we move one of the ED drafts of CSS3 Images between 1.148 and
>> > 1.153 to WD?
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> I would actually prefer pushing the 1.155 spec to WD. I do have a few last minute edits that I think need to happen before it goes to WD though.
> Elika needs to have her affiliation changed in the Editors and there is a spec reference in 5.2.1 for CSS3 backgrounds that seems to be broken.
> Other things I think need to be included, maybe not now but in the next draft; add Brian, Alan, and Brad in the Acknowledgements. Also usually we have a property list table at the end of the document that contains a list of all the properties within the document it would be nice if this new format had that table in it as well.

All done, though the Property Index is broken for some reason.


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