Re: [css3-ui] "nav-*" properties have <id> selector as value.

On Aug 20, 2011, at 10:56 PM, Ra Kyounga wrote:

> Hi www-style,
> I'm Kyounga Ra, want to hear your opinion on a "nav-*" properties.
> (
> When I was trying to develop these css3 properties (nav-*) on WebKit project, other developers told me that it looks odd or unstable. 
> Because, no other CSS property has bare selectors as value. 
> It has been suggested that I hold off implementing this until CSS WG has had a chance to discuss this further. 
> So, I'm writing this email to you, www-style.
> Are these properties stable or valuable as a standards?
> Opera browser already is supporting this.

Please see the thread starting at <>


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