RE: [CSSOM] some feedback on serialization

[Brian Manthos:] 
> 6.6.2
> # Where multiple CSS component values can appear in any order # without
> changing the meaning of the value (typically represented # by a double bar
> || in the value syntax), use the order as given in # the syntax.
> Many (all?) CSS3 modules appear to be paying no attention to this
> expectation at all.  

This one is controversial since no editor writes the syntax definition as a serialization
format. Given the alternative between using this and defining what the serialization format
is for every single CSS property, however, I understand why Anne would prefer the former :)
But since browsers never paid attention to syntax definitions to define their serialization,
and since syntax definitions were never written with serialization in mind (afaik) it's no
 surprise neither other modules or implementations are up to this. I think of this clause as a 
placeholder, really.

Received on Friday, 19 August 2011 16:08:30 UTC