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[css-speech] RE: Heads-up: CSS WG plans last call for css3-speech (part 2)

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Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2011 13:00:37 +0200
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Continuing comments...


2. <languages> value need for voice selection in 'voice-family' property.


SSML 1.1 has made a significant move from SSML 1.0 in its voice selection algorithm. It has brought a much needed clarification between the language of written content and the language(s) spoken by a particular voice (to allow, for example, a French voice to read an English film title). The xml:lang attribute is used by SSML 1.1 only to designate the language of written content. The SSML 1.1 <voice> element takes an optional 'languages' attribute "indicating the list of languages the voice is desired to speak".


It is desirable to give access to this attribute via the 'voice-family' property.


The voice selection algorithm proposed by the CSS-Speech module should consequently to put in line with that specified by SSML 1.1.



Paul Bagshaw

Co-author of SSML 1.1 and PLS 1.0.


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Hello chairs,


The CSS WG decided to issue a last call for the CSS Speech Module. We're planning to publish next week, with a deadline for comments of 30 September, i.e., about 6 weeks.


Please, let us know if that deadline is too soon.


We'd especially like to hear from


  - WAI PF and/or HTML Accessibility TF

  - Voice Browser WG

  - HTML Speech XG


The latest editor's draft is here:




(The content is what will be published, after reformatting for Working Draft.)


The CSS Speech module contains properties to style the rendering of documents via a speech synthesizer: voice, volume, speed, pitch, pauses, etc. It is designed to be compatible with SSML, i.e., the rendering of the document could be in the form of an SSML stream.




For the CSS WG,




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