Re: Splitting background-position in two different attributes

On Thu, 18 Aug 2011 02:46:08 +0200, Brian Manthos <>  

> Jonathan Snook:
>> For example, something like this:
> div {
>> background-image: url(a.png), url(b.png), url(c.png), url(d.png);
>> background-position: 0 0, 100% 100%;
>> background-repeat: no-repeat;
> }
>> What should an OM query for 'background' return? Is it constructable?
> From an IE perspective:
> Empty string.  It is not constructible because (a) you are missing 5  
> properties and (b) the layer counts for the specified properties are  
> inconsistent.
> From a W3C perspective:
> Please point me to the specification and section that explicitly  
> indicate what the correct answer is for CSS3.  I cannot find it.

This seems pretty close:

"If the value of a shorthand property is requested and it cannot be  
computed because the properties associated with the shorthand have values  
that cannot be represented by the shorthand the serialization is the empty  

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