[css21] repeated background image extension into border area.

Hi All,
In section 14.2.1 (Background properties), under background-repeat, the spec says:

"If a background image is specified, this property specifies whether the image is repeated (tiled), and how. All tiling covers the content, padding and border areas of a box."

However, when I tried this, the image is not covering the border area -- it only covers the content and padding areas. However, I should say that when I set border-color to the value "transparent," the background image does cover the border area as well, which leads me to think that maybe the image is *behind* the border color. But if this is true, it would be the oppose of what happens in the content and padding areas, where the background image is rendered in front of the background color, which is well documented in the spec: "When the image
is available, it is rendered on top of the background color." (14.2.1, background-image). I don't see it documented anywhere that the reverse applies for the border area. Any pointers?


Received on Wednesday, 17 August 2011 22:41:34 UTC