[css3-images] Radial gradients with a degenerate shape

Radial gradients can define a "degenerate shape" for their size/shape
parameter - a circle or ellipse with 0 radius.

Currently, I'm treating this as an error condition and having them
render simply as a solid color equal to the last color-stop.

While doing an editorial rewrite of the radial gradients section,
though, I realized that there's no reason to do this.  There is a
well-defined "limit rendering" for these kinds of shapes, since the
size/shape parameter doesn't scale the stops or anything, it just sets
the shape of the gradient.  Degenerate shapes are just vertical or
horizontal lines, which is a perfectly reasonable thing - it
essentially just makes a linear gradient in the direction of the minor
axis, mirrored across the major axis.

Anyone mind me changing this part of the spec so that we can regain
image-continuity in this case?


Received on Friday, 12 August 2011 01:16:22 UTC