Re: [css3-images] new side-or-corner keywords?

On 11/08/2011 2:04 PM, Brian Manthos wrote:
> Sigh.
> None of these references even hints at adding start, end, before or
> after as new keywords in the linear-gradient syntax.

Did you read the onlist message that proceeded this offlist exchange.

   | Having it begin at the _start_ is correct. Please viewport
   | this test in IE10.

   | Resize the viewport either wider or narrower than 800px.
   | Disregarding the issue with how long a gradient is,
   | does this show that left can also be confused with top?
   | Also consider how much worst this is in Mongolian vertical
   | writing mode. At least _start_ never changes.

I am talking about logical start in both instances here. I presume you 
didn't quite understand what I meant at the time.

>> To say that you have never heard of start, end, before, or after
>> used with linear gradients until now is false since this is what I
>> mentioned to you offlist over a month ago.
>'re incorrect.
> I can forward you the mails offlist if you'd like to discuss
> further.

You don't have to. I now presume that you were not aware that I was 
talking about logical values in  gradients when I show that test case. 
Those were the days that this mailing list descended into chaos about 
gradients (47 messages over 3 days) in the _Summary of recent gradient 
issues_ thread [1]. I can understand anyone not fully understanding 
others at this point of time.


Alan Gresley

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