Re: [css3-conditional] Where () are ok inside @supports?

On Wednesday 2011-08-10 12:23 +1000, Alan Gresley wrote:
> I never liked this form of nesting. It does not occur in CSS3
> mediaqueries nor any other syntax that has statements with blocks. I

And the lack of it in media queries makes media queries quite
difficult to work with.  For example, it's hard to write a pair of
style sheets for:
 * screen, less than or equal to 400px
 * screen, greater than 400px
without either (a) making assumptions about pixel rounding that
probably aren't valid in general or (b) dealing with the fact that
both style sheets will apply at exactly 400px.

I think it's a pretty important use case for @supports, especially
in cases where authors end up testing prefixed properties (since
they'll want to nest an "or" inside an "and").


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