RE: magic corner gradient revisited

>> Though, if something like "to top left" is acceptable, I'll go ahead 
>> and do it.  You'd better pass the testsuite, though.  ^_^
>You and I were OK with that ("to top left"), but I can't find
> where Brian said he could live with that. I hope he can, as
> it is a direction to head to, instead of >a side.

1. Three letter overhead ("to ").
1. Fewer letter overhead (5) than using "from ".
2. Fewer letter overhead (5 or 10) than adding "wards".
3. Resolves the original "keyword opposite angles" problem.
4. Resolves ambiguity vs. "from side" model.
5. Allows for corner gradient syntax to survive.
6. Prefixed and unprefixed syntax are easily differentiable by computers and humans.

That's a nice list of PROs with only one CON.

I can live with it.

Received on Monday, 8 August 2011 21:57:57 UTC