Re: Idea : replacement for border-radius, a more complete corner styling property.

On Aug 3, 2011, at 8:29 PM, "Joel Rea" <> wrote:

> First off, it¡¯s ¡°border-radius-SHAPE,¡± not ¡°border-radius-STYLE.¡± The latter would have an entirely different purpose, more in keeping with what ¡°border-style¡± does (¡°solid¡±, ¡°double¡±, ¡°dashed¡±, ¡°dotted¡±, ¡°inset¡±, ¡°outset¡±, ¡°groove¡±, ¡°ridge¡±, etc., applied individually or to all four corner portions as specified in the relevant ¡°border-radius¡± and shaped by ¡°border-radius-shape¡±).

Having separate border-styles for the corners does not sound very useful to me. 

> Secondly, using a negative value has a different purpose.

What is it?

> ¡°border-radius-shape: concave¡± is a specific border rounding shape. 

What you described for 'border-radius-shape: concave' sounds like what negative values on border-radius should do (given the existing shape for positive values). A transition from positive to negative could even be animated smoothly. 

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