Re: [css3-images] Resolving on gradient issues

On 3/08/2011 12:00 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:

> 4. Switched the linear gradient keywords to upward, etc.

I'm looking at 2nd of August edit of the ED. Indication of gradients 
following a path to and from a corners seem to missing. Is this being 
left out until CSS4-Images or is something like 'upward leftward' possible?

Since you would like to move the spec to LC and would like vender 
prefixes dropped from gradients, can the LC reflect the current 
implementation of WebKit and Gecko for gradient with alpha transparency 
to be done in non-premultiplied. The reason are.

1. The keyword 'transparent' is already used in the wild (it being 
understood as transparent-black by some authors) and I believe that a 
new keyword is needed for something that reflects 'transparent-color' 
for gradients using premultiplied space (Brian has indirectly mentioned 
this recently). All this requires is a removal of the non-normative part 
in green text mentioning "The definition and implications of 
"premultiplied" color spaces......."

2. I believe a syntax change or possibly prgba() can be used as a 
trigger gradients to premultiplied space where there is alpha.

I do have plans on giving large amounts of input and feedback for CSS4 
color and some of this relates to gradients in non-premultiplied space 
and their relationship to HSL planes in sRGB space.

I will bring up these issues about non-premultiplied and 
non-premultiplied space (for gradients as well as color) and CSS4 color 
in other threads. I would like you to get your LC.

Alan Gresley

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