Re: [css3-regions][css3-content] Explicit/Implicit, Named/Anonymous Regions

Hi Christoph,

I wanted to follow up on an issue that we had in the CSS Regions
specification which came from comments you made:

The specification had the following issue:

"Mailing list comment
''content: from-flow(<ident>)'' moves an element to a named flow. Should
we allow the content to be copied to a flow instead of moved to a flow.
For example:
#quote_A { flow: "quotes"; content: contents; }
would keep ''#quote_A'' in the normal flow but also copy its content to
the ''quotes'' flow. This essentially clones the node and raises questions
regarding DOM access, CSSOM View and the computed style.

The CSS working group resolved last week that the first version of CSS
Regions would allow moving content to a flow for now and not allow copying

Kind regards,

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