Re: [css3-animations] Effect of display:none and visibility:hidden on animations

On Aug 2, 2011, at 5:25 PM, Dean Jackson <> wrote:

> The spec could say that percentages < 100 for non-continuous properties are the starting state. So in the example above, the animation would be 'block' for four seconds up to the last frame where it would immediately change to 'none'.

I thought we had agreed to that sort of thing at the f2f in Mountain View Mozilla last year. 

> There is another alternative which may be too hard to specify, which is that UAs might crossfade the rendering of the begin and end states.

That would be great; throw in some wipes and other effects too. That can always be added in to a later version of the spec. 

> The problem is when you want other things to animate at the same time.

Why is that a problem? I imagine something like a checkerboard wipe would scale and move with the bounding box of the element. 

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