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RE: [css3-text] line-break property should include U+2015 as "inseparable characters"

From: Koji Ishii <kojiishi@gluesoft.co.jp>
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2011 15:43:39 -0400
To: "www-style@w3.org" <www-style@w3.org>
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I was wrong. Allowing break between U+2014, U+3033, U+3034, U+3035 looked strange to me and I re-reviewed the list I've got from JLTF; it says "loose" should allow breaks between U+2025 and U+2026, but should not allow for other inseparable characters.

So we should fix this way:
- breaks between inseparatable characters (U+2014, U+2025, U+2026, U+3033, U+3034, U+3035)
+ breaks between some of inseparable characters (U+2025, U+2026)


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Subject: [css3-text] line-break property should include U+2015 as "inseparable characters"

Recommended list of characters for the line-break property[1] currently defines following code points as "inseparable characters":
U+2014, U+2025, U+2026, U+3033, U+3034, U+3035

I think we should include U+2015 in this list for the following reasons:
1. The text-justify property[2] defines U+2015 as "no expansion opportunity" along with U+2014, U+2025, U+2026.
2. JLREQ says "Some systems implement U+2015 HORIZONTAL BAR very similar behavior to U+2014 EM DASH"[3]

[1] http://dev.w3.org/csswg/css3-text/#line-break
[2] http://dev.w3.org/csswg/css3-text/#text-justify
[3] http://www.w3.org/TR/jlreq/#cl-08

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