[CSS21] 11.1.2: 'clip': various issues

Issue 1: "in left-to-right text" (and similar) is unclear: the word "in"
suggests that the test pertains to a parent/ancestor, the word "text" suggests
that the test is based on textual content, whereas I'd guess that we want
something more like a test of the 'direction' property of the element/box with
the 'clip' property.

Issue 2: In the case of RTL, does a positive "offset" move to the right or to
the left?  On one hand, the word "offset" would usually mean that positive
increases the x coordinate, i.e. moves to the right, while on the other hand
I'd have thought that the intention would rather be such that <left> and
<right> values are usually non-negative.

I see that the other issue I was going to raise is mostly covered by issue 190.
The only minor thing I'd add to the proposal is that I'd prefer explicit
"content height" and "content width" instead of "height" and "width";
but not a big deal here.

As for what existing implementations do, it's hard to say, because not one
user agent I've tested actually implements clipping with the 'clip' property.
(I've only tried Gecko, Konqueror and WebKit so far.)  WebKit has the start of
some support for it in its code, but doesn't actually implement any of the RTL
parts.  I haven't looked at source code of others.


Received on Friday, 24 September 2010 23:21:06 UTC