Re: Question on clear applying to run-ins

On 9/7/10 8:24 PM, fantasai wrote:
>> What does that mean exactly? Is the block supposed to clear whatever the
>> run-in would clear (in addition to whatever the block itself clears)? Or
>> is this just saying that the block is the right block formatting context
>> for the run-in's clearance? Or something else?
> The WG believes that the intent is to apply 'clear' to the run-in itself,
> if it turns into a block, else to the block that contains it, if it turns
> into an inline.
> Proposed changes to make this clearer, I suggest changing the above quoted
> sentence to:
> | For a run-in element that is rendered as an 'inline' element,
> | this property applies to the block box that contains it.

This doesn't actually answer my question (though it does eliminate tome 
possible answers).  Here's what I'm asking about:

   <span style="display: run-in; clear: right;"></span>
   <div style="clear: left"></div>

What should the <div> be clearing?  Right floats?  Left floats?  Both? 
For right floats that come between the run-in and the block, should the 
block be clearing them (sounds like "yes")?

> where run-in elements that are rendered as 'display: block' are covered
> under the current "Applies to:" line given the new text for 9.2.3

Sure.  There's no issue with run-ins that don't run in.


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