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On Friday, September 10, 2010, 3:45:30 PM, Christoph wrote:

CP> I think it’s ‘lightgoldenrod’, not ‘lightgoldenrodyellow’.

The values in CSS3 color are taken from SVG 1.0, which has ‘lightgoldenrodyellow’ as rgb(250, 250, 210)

The values found on various platforms in /usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt (and similar locations for Sun, for X11R6 and so on) are not consistent, but here is one table which has the same value

250 250 210  LightGoldenrodYellow

and also has a different color with a different value

238 221 130  LightGoldenrod

similarly in

light goldenrod        238 221 130   #eedd82    
light goldenrod yellow  250 250 210  #fafad2   

and in

The name, and the value, given in css3 color for lightgoldenrodyellow of rgb(250, 250, 210) therefore is correct.

I did some quick tests and the handling of ‘lightgoldenrod’ in HTML/CSS and in SVG implementations is not consistent. Some treat it as an error, and thus show black. Some error-correct as if ‘lightgoldenrodyellow’ had been specified, so the two values give the same colour. And some treat it as an additional, distinct, keyword which produces the rgb(238 221 130) value.

The handling of the standard value ‘lightgoldenrodyellow’ was however consistent in all the implementations I tried.

I therefore propose to make no change to the CSS3 color specification. Please let us know if this resolution is acceptable.

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