Re: [css3-transitions] Interpolating 'other' value types

On Nov 30, 2010, at 2:49 PM, Tab Atkins Jr. wrote:

> Right now, the Transitions spec still says that only certain types of
> values can be transitioned.  Other types of values are ignored (merely
> kept in the transition-property list to maintain relative list
> positions).
> I thought we'd agreed to let any property without specified transition
> rules transition, with the rule that it's equal to the start value at
> t=0 and the end value at t>0 (or the opposite, whatever)?  Part of the
> reason we introduced the step timing-function was specifically to help
> control this case, if I recall correctly.
> I assume this is just a temporary omission, and the necessary edits
> will be made in time?

David Baron suggested that transition-delay should apply to all properties.
I said that I supported that in principle, but was worried about implementation
performance implications, given that the default for transition-property is "all".

Stepwise timing functions would give authors even more control over when
discrete transitions occur, but only for single-step functions. I'm OK with
allowing this to affect non-animatable properties.

So I think we're left needing to add some words to the spec, and getting some


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