Re: Transforms on inline elements

2010/11/16 Bjoern Hoehrmann <>:
> * Ambrose LI wrote:
>>But then what exactly is the point of 2D transforms? In the context of
>>page layout, I have always thought that 2D transforms primarily serve
>>two purposes: (1) to allow fake italics, and (2) to allow glyphs to be
>>rotated 180° (many IPA letters were obviously originally created this
>>way). If transforms are only applied to block level elements, however,
>>then I’m not seeing an obvious use. I must be missing something
> I do not know about that, but personally I am eagerly awaiting CSS'
> arrival in the 1980s with support for rotated text in table headers
> (looking at current implementations I should add that that shouldn't
> make the text illegible...)

Right… if we had 2D transforms from the start then we would have been
able to fake vertical writing mode before real vertical writing
support appeared. Oh wait, that wouldn’t be doable if 2D transforms
were only applicable to block-level elements…

Sorry for the noise.

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