Re: [css-selectors] Invalid selectors should not cause the entire group to be dropped

On Mon, Nov 15, 2010 at 19:07, Bjoern Hoehrmann <> wrote:
> * Peter Beverloo wrote:
>>Having to include multiple, identical rules for supporting several browsers
>>makes CSS code harder to maintain, mostly due to duplicated code.
> You are supposed to react to that by complaining to the vendors about
> their proprietary extensions being hard to use and demand that they make
> more of an effort to get them standardized, not to ask the standards
> organization to make using proprietary extensions easier (which would
> further remove vendor's incentives to expedite standardization, which
> is the opposite of what you want).
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In essence you're correct about that on the subject of
non-standardized pseudo-elements like ::-webkit-outer-spin-button, but
the same problem applies to ::selection which once has been in a

Whether WebKit's approach to this problem for complex elements -like
media controls- is the right one, is another discussion. However,
similarly to ::selection, the same issue will arise for styling the
placeholder text in input elements. WebKit implemented this as a
::-webkit-input-placeholder pseudo-element, Gecko implemented it as
:-moz-placeholder pseudo-class.

This was also briefly addressed by Tantek Çelik during the Oslo F2F
meeting[1], but the entire rule being dropped for a single invalid
selector would likely become a problem in the (currently theoretical)
Selectors UI module as well, unless the vendor prefix policy wouldn't
apply there.

Peter Beverloo


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