Suggestion: Offset a tiling background position for each row or column to create memory effecient interesting backgrounds

Css suggestion:

Tiling a background with the "starting" position offset for each row or for
each column:
Example (syntax need to be improved)*

*Background-position: offset-x 10px;
* This would offset the starting position for each tile on every row with

Or random number?

*Background-position: offset-x rnd 10-40px;
*Would offset the position randomly between 10 and 40 pixels.


Offsetting each row of a background tile, would be a memory effecient way to

create a much more varied background pattern.

Eliminating the repeativeness of a pattern and the need for large pattern to
create a look of randomness.
Thus making many websites more memory effecient.

It would also be a cheap way to create diagonal patterns.

Sorry if this has been suggested before.


Received on Wednesday, 10 November 2010 13:55:37 UTC