Re: [css-text ] font-size-adjust (was: @font-face and slow downloading)

On Nov 4, 2010, at 5:32 PM, Sean McBride wrote:

> The WebFontLoader code (which Typekit uses) provides font event
> classes that are added to <html> as the fonts are loaded. There are
> global classes (wf-loading, wf-active, wf-inactive) as well as
> font-specific classes (wf-fonfamilyname-n4-loading,
> wf-fonfamilyname-n4-active, wf-fonfamilyname-n4-inactive).
> WebFontLoader also makes these events available in JavaScript through
> callbacks that you can define, which is useful but not as relevant on
> this list.

How does the WebFontLoader JS know that fonts are being downloaded, and when
the download is complete?


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