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> Subject:    CSS3 suggestion for text-underline
> Date:  Mon, 17 May 2010 15:38:07 +0200
> From:  Johan Dahlfors
> To:   fantasai
>> I have noticed very incoherent rendering of text-decoration: underline
>> between browsers. Some (Chrome, Safari & IE8) render underlines 1px thin
>> no matter what font-size the text has, while Firefox and Opera scales
>> the underline with font-size.
>> While this is today of course a vendor-specific issue, I realize that it
>> would be great if this could be set through CSS3. When font-face gets
>> more adopted and the amount of different fonts used on the web increases
>> - there's a risk that the underline rendering will not fit all kinds of
>> new fonts made for the web.
>> Hence it would be great if web designers had accessibility to change the
>> layout of the underlines.
>> *The interesting properties would be:*
>> 1) underline width in em, px etc.
>> 2) distance for underline, from baseline in em, px etc.
>> 3) perhaps also color, since there is today a lot of people using the
>> border-bottom property instead of text-decoration: underline to change
>> color.
>> *Perhaps something like this in CSS:*
>> text-underline-width: 1px;
>> text-underline-baseline-distance: 2px; /* depending on the fonts -
>> negative values from baseline might also be interesting. */
>> text-underline-color: red;
>> Kind Regards,
>> Johan
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>> Johan Dahlfors  Art Director

Defining the default underline behavior should be part of any effort
to give users the ability to further modify the underline. A default
underline should use the values in the font for underline position and
thickness. Even if it doesn't, the underline should still scale with
the text.

(Yes, the Chrome/Safari/IE behavior is simply incorrect.)

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