RE: [css-flexbox] "applies to" inconsistency

Ah, interesting, I didn't think about absolute vs. flow.

Float should certainly be ignored, and I think the spec says so.

Absolute may be expected to work. Then "make a guess at its probable position" may be a challenge....


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On Tuesday 2010-05-11 19:45 +0000, Alex Mogilevsky wrote:
> This should be editorial. I see that some properties (e.g.
> 'box-flex') apply to "in-flow children of box elements". Others (e.g. 
> 'box-ordinal-group') apply to "children of box elements".
> They should probably all apply to simply "children" as there isn't any 
> flow in a box element.

Well, there's the question of what happens if a child of a flexbox is floated or absolutely positioned.

My inclination would probably be that floating simply doesn't do anything, but that we might want absolute positioning to work... in which case the absolutely positioned children would be out-of-flow.


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