RE: [CSS21] stack level definitions in 9.9.1

> From: Anton Prowse []

> I'm very happy with the content and scope of the proposals; they
> address and satisfactorily resolve all the technical (as opposed to
> editorial) problems in 9.9.1, as well as making a couple of useful
> editorial clarifications to Appendix E.  Specifically, they solve 2.7,
> 2.8 and 2.10 in my original analysis[1] which describe problems with
> the definition of stack level, the handling of positioned elements with
> z-index:auto, the superfluous "local stacking context" concept, and the
> behaviour of floats and their descendants.
> Whilst you may have wished for a smaller set of changes, I think that
> what we've got is in fact the most elegant and succinct approach
> possible in solving the technical problems.  I've attached a document
> highlighting the proposed changes within the full text of 9.9.1 (also
> available at [2]) in which we can see that they only amount to a few
> words here and there.

Excellent ! Thanks for that document. Very useful.

> I have one tiny niggle with your proposed edit #4:

> Perhaps we should insert "and of" at the end of the first line, as in
> | The contents of positioned elements with 'z-index: auto', and of
> | non-positioned floats, inline blocks and inline tables...
> since otherwise I don't think it's clear that "non-positioned" also
> qualifies inline blocks and inline tables in that proposal.  Or perhaps
> even spell it out and repeat "non-positioned" twice more in that
> sentence.

It's a niggle but a fair one. Bert will review and make the final edit. 
Maybe he can come up with a clear alternative that doesn't require a 

> Niggle aside, I'm happy to put Issue 60[3] to rest now.  

Me too :)


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