RE: [css3-text-layout] New editor's draft - margin-before/after/start/end etc.


I apologize if I made you angry or irritated. It wasn't my intention. I thought discussions on implementations would come after the agreement on the background reasons behind it.

Here's the proposal.


If the property is omitted, or if its value is "page", there's no change.

If the value is "line", margins and paddings should be calculated against the current line direction. If the flow is tb-rl, "top" equals to "right against page". If right-to-left, "left" means "right against page". It may be a little similar to what CSS Transform does, but applies to margins and paddings only, and it's relative to the flow.

Is this clear enough? Will you please let me know what actions I should take next?

Koji Ishii

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If you are proposing something different from what has been proposed, that is fine.  But please clearly present the proposal.  I do not think that you have done so.  Please get rid of all "cultural"

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