RE: Question on Flexbox balance implementation

Before I forward this to the list, can you send me the test case that you've tried so that I know what exactly I asking?

From: Chris Jones
Sent: Sunday, June 13, 2010 9:16 PM
To:;; Alex Mogilevsky
Cc: Erik Anderson; Veljko Miljanic; Sam Spencer; Paul Gildea
Subject: Question on Flexbox balance implementation


We have a question on the CSS3 Multicolumn spec and the current implementation of that spec in the Firefox, Safari, and Opera browsers.

Specifically, in our testing, if the height of a multi-column container is explicitly specified, then the column-fill: balance property is ignored in all of the above browsers. The only way column-fill: balance is honored is if the height of the container element is not fixed.

We were unable to find a specific reference to this behavior in the current CSS3 spec - is there a part of the spec that describes this behavior? More importantly, is there a reason why the column-fill: balance property should be dependent on the flexible height of the parent container, as opposed to being independent of the parent container height?

Thanks for your time and guidance on this.

-Chris Jones

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