Re: [css3-text-layout] margin-before/after/start/end etc. and :ttb pseudo-classes

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Subject: Re: [css3-text-layout]  margin-before/after/start/end etc. and :ttb 

>> Finally, Murata-san, isn't there a need for the document author to 
>> specify 'vertical is the default' too?
>> Should dir="ttb" be proposed for HTML 5?
> I still  think that vertical/horizontal writing is a style issue rather 
> than a content issue.  When the
> author would like to specify "vertical is the default", he should specify 
> the writing-mode property
> within a stylesheet.

There is a content that is vertically/horizontally neutral.
But there is a content that can be seen *only* horizontally
or *only* vertically.

Consider these two phrases-instructions:

"Figure on the left shows proper position of fire
alarm sensor".
"Figure on the right shows alarm sensor position
that you must avoid at any cost".

As you can see these phrases MUST be used only in
dir="ltr" containers.

So if you have a text that is direction neutral
you can use default dir settings that UA provides.
In CSS :ttb and :ltr classes will allow you to style it
appropriately in both directions.
But when content author needs so he/she can enforce
directionality by specifying @dir="...".
And the same :ttb and :ltr will be used in CSS to handle

Andrew Fedoniouk

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