Re: [CSS21] Random editorial issues

fantasai wrote:
> Section 16.6.1 The 'white-space' processing model
>    # Any text that is directly contained inside a block element (not
>    # inside an inline element) should be treated as an anonymous inline
>    # element.
>    This sentence belongs in, which currently lacks normative
>    text to this effect, and seems to be trying to define behavior by
>    giving an example.

100% in favour. does indeed lack that key point that "loose"
inline content of block-level element is wrapped in an anonymous inline
box, which is also of relevance to the wording of; see my
earlier post [1].

Actually, is this not also the case for "loose" text inside arbitrary
block boxes (not just the principal block box of block-level elements)? and also are currently a mess.  The examples appear
almost to be normative, and features the awesome phrase "(e.g.,
in the example just below the subsection heading "Anonymous block
boxes", the one for DIV)."

Note that the BODY/P example in says:

   # The BODY element contains a chunk (C1) of anonymous text followed by
   # a block-level element followed by another chunk (C2) of anonymous
   # text. The resulting boxes would be an anonymous block box around the
   # BODY, containing an anonymous block box around C1, the P block box,
   # and another anonymous block box around C2.

s/boxes/block boxes/ since there are various anonymous inline boxes
taking part there too (eg enclosing the entire content of the P, and
also enclosing the entire content of the two anonymous block boxes if my
assertion further up is correct).


Anton Prowse

Received on Sunday, 25 July 2010 12:31:47 UTC