[css-background] "background-repeat:round;" and aspect ratio

Assume (for simplicity):
1. Image referenced via background-image has intrinsic width, height(, aspect ratio)
2. Element upon which the style is applied is larger than the image in both dimensions, and larger than 10px by 20px

a. background-repeat:round  repeat; background-size: auto auto;
b. background-repeat:repeat round ; background-size: auto auto;
c. background-repeat:round  round ; background-size: auto auto;
d. background-repeat:round  repeat; background-size: 10px auto;
e. background-repeat:repeat round ; background-size: 10px auto;
f. background-repeat:round  round ; background-size: 10px auto;
g. background-repeat:round  repeat; background-size: auto 20px;
h. background-repeat:repeat round ; background-size: auto 20px;
i. background-repeat:round  round ; background-size: auto 20px;
j. background-repeat:round  repeat; background-size: 10px 20px;
k. background-repeat:repeat round ; background-size: 10px 20px;
l. background-repeat:round  round ; background-size: 10px 20px;

Which of those preserves the image's intrinsic aspect ratio?
Which of those preserves a 1:2 aspect ratio?
Which of those ignores aspect ratio when applying round (dimensions are "rounded" independently after a pre-rounded size is computed)?

Received on Friday, 16 July 2010 18:40:32 UTC