Re: [css2.1] editorial clarification: "case-insensitive" always means "ASCII case-insensitive", y/y?

On 07/15/2010 07:05 AM, Phillips, Addison wrote:
> (chair hat)
> I have copied the Internationalization WG mailing list and included this in our next agenda.
> (This rest is a personal response)
>> Does the i18n wg have any input on whether :lang()'s argument
>> should be ASCII case-insensitive or Unicode case-folded?
> ...
> Thus, I believe that you should require case-insensitive comparison.

We do. It's a question of what "case-insensitive" means.

> Note: I believe that, although users may (incorrectly) enter non-ASCII
> values into :lang(), such values should be considered invalid and
> case-folding (or case insensitive comparison of) those characters is
> unnecessary and even potentially harmful.

Given the response from you and Martin Dürst, I think that's sufficient
to convince me that we should clarify it as ASCII case-insensitive. If
the i18n wg disagrees, then we can raise it again as an issue. :)

> Note that Section 5.8.1 should be updated to reference BCP 47 and in
> particular RFC 4647 Basic Filtering.

I think it would be more confusing than helpful to reference RFC4647,
given that the string-matching rules are given in the normative prose
and RFC4647 includes some much more sophisticated matching possibilities.
However, I did file an issue on updating to BCP 47.


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