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RE: Border align

From: Colt Antonio Pini <Colt.Pini@nau.edu>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2010 18:03:52 -0700
To: Alex M <timeroot.alex@gmail.com>, "www-style@w3.org" <www-style@w3.org>
Message-ID: <786443B5C7E00948B25B7C9C5CADAF8304EED0A099@NAUFLG-CMS1.nau.froot.nau.edu>
What this would allow is to position the border to the inside, outside, or centered on an object. At the moment browsers do this differently and it would be nice to have the control of where I want it. In positioning an object with a border I get pixel jogs depending on which browser renders it. This would give me control over where my border would be placed. You could even specify a 12px inset and it would move my two pixel border 12 pixels in in all directions. (If you would like I can send some images that specify what I mean exactly.)

So Say I was to do this

img {
                border: 1px solid #0f0;

The inset border would “clip off” 2 px of my image, an outset would be added to the outside of the image, and center would clip 1px and add 1px to the outside.

That might clear up what I mean.


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From: Alex M [mailto:timeroot.alex@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, July 12, 2010 5:37 PM
To: Colt Antonio Pini
Subject: Re: Border align

I believe this could be done with padding on the box. For instance, if you wanted a border that was offset 2px to the right and up, you could set {padding: 5px 7px 5px 7px;} Is this what you meant?

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On Mon, Jul 12, 2010 at 4:51 PM, Colt Antonio Pini <Colt.Pini@nau.edu<mailto:Colt.Pini@nau.edu>> wrote:
I was wondering what the possibility of having a border property that allowed for an outset border, and inset border, or a centered border?

If this isn't the right place to ask I do apologize.

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