RE: A List Apart: Articles: Prefix or Posthack

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> He would probably only notice when he upgraded his browser, and then
> complain to the intranet author (or Web-page-based tool provider) about
> why their crappy pages break every time the browser is updated. Didn't
> that vendor claim compatibility with browser X?

If the new version shows a broken page, the browser usually gets first
blame, not the page.

> > It may also implicitly assume that most users do run the latest
> version of a
> > given browser.
> Why is that? Old browsers are not affected by newer browsers, only by
> the removal or changing of the properties in the style sheets.

Because it implicitly assumes that by the time the prefixed property is
removed, the older versions of the browser - those that can only handle
the prefixed version - are no longer around. This is not true of all
browsers and all environments as we know from IE6 and IT shops around
the world.

> Right. Something in between is fine.

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