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> I think if the spec went back for a fixed set of changes, and is
> expected
> to return to CR soon, then those features that were in the CR need not
> be
> re-prefixed.

Exactly. In other words, the background section remains in a CR state. So
does border image. But it would be fair to say that box-shadow is not yet
ready for unprefixed support in a browser release. IE9 is still at the
platform preview stage so we are still able to go back to an -ms state if
necessary. Opera, however, has already released the bare version.

> However if the spec is pulled from CR for a major rewrite (e.g. CSS3
> Text),
> then its features should be prefixed. I hope we will not need to do
> that
> to other specs in the future, though.

Strongly agree.

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