Re: A List Apart: Articles: Prefix or Posthack

* Eric A. Meyer wrote:
>    Because the perception becomes one of instability.  It doesn't 
>have to make logical sense.  If I stood in front of a room of people 
>and explained that prefixed properties are in-progress and can 
>change, there might be grumbling but they can deal with that.  If I 
>then state the prefixed properties will be completely unrecognized in 
>the future, the immediate and overwhelming reaction would be, "Why 
>the hell are you wasting my time telling me about something that will 
>by design stop working?  I can't use that!"

Making "prefixed properties" more convenient to use for authors who wish
to use them in production means less pressure on the people involved in
standardizing and implementing them so the standardization process can
come to completion, meaning authors will likely lose some or all of what
they gain by the convenience through having to deal more or longer with
prefixed properties. If they feel they are unable to use them, they are
likely to get them proper sooner. So this' not necessarily a bad thing.
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