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[CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions 2009-12-16

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Date: Thu, 14 Jan 2010 00:55:20 -0800
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   - Discussed color management in Flash
   - Discussed persistent table headers
   - CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders and Multicol CRs to be published

====== Full minutes below ======

   CÚsar Acebal
   Tab Atkins
   Bert Bos
   Beth Dakin
   Elika Etemad
   Simon Fraser
   Sylvain Galineau
   Daniel Glazman
   Anne van Kesteren (via IRC)
   Peter Linss
   David Singer
   Steve Zilles

<RRSAgent> logging to http://www.w3.org/2009/12/16-CSS-irc
Scribe: Sylvain

Color Management in Flash

   szilles, glazou: adding color management in Flash to the agenda
   szilles: Flash 10 implemented some level of color management. It
            assumes the Flash file to be in sRGB. There are two ways
            to get this to show up 1) use default color correction of
            the browser 2) grab monitor profile through unspecified
            means and color-corrects the Flash file independently of
            the browser
   szilles: 3) also, it can do no color correction
   szilles: the feature is intended to follow what the browser is doing
   szilles: overall, it means that Flash cooperates with sRGB overall;
            it doesn't mean that Flash content out there is sRGB-friendly
   szilles: Flash files do not contain ICC profiles
   <dsinger> steve -- could you put that in email?  I think you're saying
             what others of us have been saying, but I'd like to read it
   <dsinger> and review it with my colleagues
   smfr: we also need to understand if we need a new plugin interface so
         the browser can tell the plugin whether to color-correct or not
   szilles: yes, this is something that needs to get investigated
   szilles: I think there is a need to coordinate turning this on so
            that it works reliably
   szilles: I read that color correction is hard to get right today
            even using browsers that support it
   <szilles> here is a public write up on how to use
   szilles: there was an issue last week re: using the 601 video profiles
   szilles: chris lilley noted no one produced 601 video these days but
            it seemed that was not the consensus ?
   dsinger: if a video is untagged then 601 is the right profile
   <CesarAcebal> Sorry for the delay: I've arrived home right now.

Feature queries

   fantasai: I would like to let the conversation follow its public
             course until such time as the WG has something to resolve
   glazou: I wanted to make sure the WG was aware of this discussion
           as many web designers have been asking for this for a long
           time to avoid hacks

Persistent table headers

   fantasai: it is a positioning mode whereby an item hits the top/bottom
             of the screen it will remain there as long as its containing
             block is visible in the viewport
   fantasai: this is clearly useful for fix table headers in place while
             the content of the table is scrolled
   glazou: this behavior could be extended to other elements
   fantasai: yes, and that is part of the discussion. I wanted to propose
             this for a long time
   glazou: any concrete proposal ?
   fantasai: not yet, although syntax is emerging but no concrete proposal yet
   fantasai: this would solved many issues with fixed positioning,
             specifically that fixed elements do not take space
   fantasai: when it comes to making this general, I'm concerned about
             the selection of your fixed 'origin'. right now, it assumes
             the containing block
   szilles: this would definitely work well for headers
   glazou: we don't really need x/y positions for this, because we always
           want the fixed element to stick to edges right ?
   <general agreement>
   smfr: an issue is what happens when these elements nest, and how/whether
         they stack up
   bradk: on the iphone, such items do not stack up, the previous one is
          pushed aside
   <discussion of a dl/dt use case>
   glazou: is the discussion very general or does it target use-cases ?
           I'm concerned it could get lost if it doesn't focus
   fantasai: we have a few use-cases but we want to stay open to what else
             is out there
   bradk: it's a very useful feature, although not a requirement.
   tab: I agree.
   <glazou says something scary about selectors on the right side.
    scribe denies it happened>
   <glazou> selectors on the right hand side could select the elements
            controlling the sticky one
   <Bert> (As usual, the DT/DD case is difficult because HTML forgot to
          define the DI element that groups them. :-( )
   <TabAtkins> Why doesn't ::di exist yet?
   <fantasai> because it should be <di>

<szilles> FYI: I will miss the phone calls on the 5th and 12th of January;
           I will be on vacation.
<sylvaing> can someone minute for a few minuntes ?

Publishing Specs
Scribe: TabAtkins
   Bert: We're waiting on Ian Jacobs; I need to send him some text
         tonight/tomorrow along with the new publications and documents.
   fantasai: For B&B, Multicol?
   Bert: Yeah.
   Fantasai: Published by end of week?
   Bert: tomorrow
   glazou: Moratorium starts at end of week.
   Bert: Not a problem.

Other Topics

   glazou: comments on transitions, david and dean aren't here.
   dsinger: Isn't the second comment just a typo?
   dsinger: Yeah, Hyatt responded.  Definitely just a spec mistake.
   glazou: CSSOM, but Anne isn't here.  He's sick.
   glazou: Last topic is bidi issues.  I think we need dbaron here.
   glazou: Remember to tell you AC rep about Selectors PR.
   glazou: No conf call the next two weeks.
   glazou: Next is 6th Jan.  Merry christmas and happy new year!
   <dsinger> happy hols everyone!
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