Re: Proposal for a unified shadow property


2010/12/29 Tab Atkins Jr. <>

> You're not thinking large enough.  ^_^

Yes, you're right ^_^ but I'm much more efficient when I focus on small
problems than on large issues (even if I like to embrace the big picture)

> box-shadow and text-shadow are both specializations of a more general
> property/set of properties that will be introduced in the CSS Filters
> module.  This module will let you select what effect to apply to an
> element, and what parts of the element to apply the effect to.
> Shadows are definitely one of the effects.

That's great news. But as a webdesigner, I'm much more concerned by
usability than by genericity, and sometimes it's hard to have both. SVG
Filters are a good example of a very powerful and generic tool but it
requires to be a math genius to be able to use it efficiently. Providing a
tool that could be at the same time powerful and usable by dummy designers
(who are a big part of the CSS end users ;) ) is a big challenge. Anyway,
I'm really interested in that new CSS module that can be huge.

> The Filters module hasn't been written enough yet to publish as an
> editor's draft, but I expect progress on that front sometime in the
> coming year.

Cool, I'm waiting ^^

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