Re: Two CSS challenges

Le 25 déc. 2010 à 15:31, Andrew Fedoniouk a écrit :
> <div>
>   text 1
>   <p>text 2</p>
> </div>
> If I want to draw 1px solid red;
> border around that box how would I do so?

There is something strange in the request itself. I understand the appeal for such features… and if we push further the reasoning it seems to lead to regex (insert nightmare stories here :) ), *but* it isn't what markup is for, aka *marking up* texts with *tags* so they have a specific purpose.

if I understand the requirement

So we have
//select the div box
//select the p box inside the div
div p {}

// select the text inside div but outside p 

which is different from XPath expression which select every text nodes under an element.

Then the evil is hidden in details

Would style apply to text 1 and text 3?

<div>text 1<p>text 2</p>text 3</div>

What's happening with spaces?
<div>text 1 <p>text 2</p> text 3</div>

What's happenning with display: none on "div p"

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