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Thank you Brady for the reply.

The reason you think 'loose' is more appropriate than 'looser' is why we chose 'newspaper' here. The original request from Japanese publishers was 4 levels, and we tentatively named them looser, loose, normal, and strict. Within the 4 levels, the 'loose' is less important than others so we agreed to punt this to future. We're then left with looser, normal, and strict, but 'looser' without 'loose' seemed odd, exactly as you said, and therefore the name 'newspaper' came in.

The value indicates the loosest set of line breaking rules we can think today. I want a room to add something between this and 'normal' in future.

My personal opinion is 'newspaper' works good, as I hope people understands what it represents, rather than what it is explicitly designed for. For instance, 'portrait' represents the paper orientation even if it's not a picture.

But I'm not native English speaker, if you think it's very strange, I can live with 'loose', and I can add 'semi-loose' just like we do for font-weight[1].

Can you please confirm, even if it's possible to add more levels between this value and 'normal' in future, do you think 'loose' is better?



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Oops, sorry - I think that was my request, but I never followed up on it. Since 'strict' is one proposed name, it seems like 'loose' makes sense. 'Looser' seems odd - if 'loose' gets added in the future, would 'looser' be looser than loose, or is loose looser than looser? Anything else I can think of just seems like a synonym for 'loose', which isn't very helpful if that is a word you are trying to avoid (though, 'promiscuous' would be a fun choice). 'Short-lines' would also work, though I suppose someone might want to use this when they don't have short lines or not use it when they do have short lines, so it suffers from the same problem as 'newspaper'. I don't like narrow-column as it may be confusing when used in the absence of explicit columns. 'Frequent' or 'open' might work, but I prefer 'loose'.


On Dec 20, 2010, at 10:46 PM, Koji Ishii <> wrote:

> As the current spec[1] says:
>> It was requested to change the name of 'newspaper' to something more 
>> general, since not all users would be newspapers and newspapers might 
>> use stricter rules.
> I would like to propose a few candidates:
> 1. looser (to leave a room to add ''loose'' in future) 2. 
> narrow-column 3. short-lines
> Any opinions? Your preferences or other candidates are greatly appreciated.
> [1]
> Regards,
> Koji

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