Implementing contentEditable in CSS3 UI

The CSS3 User Interface draft attempts to deprecate (or 'support')  
"fourteen HTML4 tags and four HTML4 attributes"

I'd like to see contentEditable added to the list.

*[contentEditable] {
   user-modify: read-write;
   user-input: enabled;
   user-select: text;

It would remove some cruft from HTML in the long run.

It would be nice to see a :spelling style of selector, using the same 
information leakage protection as a:visited.
I'd like something like this to work, eventually:
*[spellcheck=false] {
  color-invalid-spelling: none;
  background-invalid-spelling: none;
  text-decoration-invalid-spelling: none;
*[spellcheck=true] {
  color-invalid-spelling: none;
  background-invalid-spelling: rgba(128,0,0,.5);
  text-decoration-invalid-spelling: none;

There's some old discussion about contentEditable's purpose on whatwg:

And some talk about contentEditable and focus on w3:

Regarding passing actual focus events (triggering a scrollTo, for instance):
the css3-ui :menu pseudo-selector and the aria-flowto attribute set some 
"user-focus: select-same" is also a big help.

Received on Saturday, 18 December 2010 20:51:08 UTC