Official answer to PFWG comments and objection on css3-background


We discussed the current css3-background hiatus in our last CSS WG
conference call. The answers fantasai gave to your comments on
the 24th of feb 2010 [1] and the 27th of oct 2010 [2] are the official
positions of the Working Group, as minuted here [3]. We never received a
response from you or your Group related to these edits/answers. See
here [4] the timeline of PFWG comments and answers from our WG reps.

We hope that it will be enough to address your objection on the
specification and that we'll be able to make the document move forward
along the REC track in the coming days/weeks. Could you please make sure
this is discussed during your forthcoming WFPG conf call? Thanks!



W3C CSS Working Group, Co-chair

Received on Tuesday, 14 December 2010 21:15:20 UTC