RE: [css3-text] text-transform values should be grouped

The text-transform[1] is now updated to accept multiple values.

Masayuki, thank you again for your valuable feedback.



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Subject: [css3-text] text-transform values should be grouped

Hi, fantasain, thank you for adding "large-kana" value to the text-transform property. It can improve accessibility on some Japanese websites.

The definition of the property is now:

 > Value: 	none | capitalize | uppercase | lowercase | fullwidth | 

But I think that we can separate the values except none to some groups and two or more transform should be able to be applied at same time.
Such as:

none | [[capitalize | uppercase | lowercase] || fullwidth || large-kana]

And I think that we should add "halfwidth" for converting fullwidth characters to halfwidth characters. Then, that will be:

none | [[capitalize | uppercase | lowercase] || [halfwidth | fullwidth] 
|| large-kana]


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