Re: [CSS21] 4.3.2 Lengths (reference pixel?)

2010/12/14 Felix Miata <>:
> That's true only in the simplistic worlds of OS/2, Mac and Windows. The
> ability to match display device to desktop configuration, resulting in
> accurate[1] absolute dimensions at the display surface, has been a part of
> X11 on Linux at least as far back as my experience with it goes, either by
> default, or as an option. A number of recent Linux distro releases assume 96
> DPI, while others make no assumption, favoring accuracy, usually by using
> display dimensions and resolution provided by EDID to calculate DPI
> automatically and accurately[1]. In any event, not only is it possible for
> absolute units to be accurate on Linux, it's very common.

I was in fact shocked to find that dimensions are not accurate on the
Mac. Besides Adobe software, even the system-provided Preview program
assumes that the OS knows correct physical dimensions (when in fact it
doesn't). It is very frustrating to have "actual size" artwork on the
screen shown at smaller than actual size, and IMHO this is a serious
bug (considering their target user base) that will only be corrected
later if not sooner.


does anyone know how to fix Snow Leopard? it broke input method
switching and is causing many typing mistakes and is very annoying

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