Re: [css4-color] @color-keyword Color Keywords

To be fair on this point, I am aware that there's been a lot of discussion
about CSS variables and constants and macros. I guess that, alongside the
suggestion in my e-mail, there was an implicit question about where the WG
stands on putting something like that into the spec, either in general or
specifically for colors, and what the progress along that road is.

> Yeah, the WG (or at least vocal members thereof) seem to favor a
> variables / constants approach, almost as if this was the seventies when
> preprocessed untyped string substitution macros were the best thing you
> hope for. Also, a unified spec will probably take a longer time and we
> have type-dependent keywords (e.g. font resources).

I agree on all those points. The reasons my suggestion was specifically for
color keywords (and not, say, for simple variables) were that (1) the WG
didn't seem to be making any progress on variables as a whole, and even seem
to be a bit cold on the idea; (2) colors are a central part of CSS and the
color keyword situation might call for something type-sensitive; and (3)
it's a simple proposal with not a lot of moving parts. I wouldn't presume to
say anything about how simple it is to implement, though. ^^;;

- Eli Morris-Heft

Received on Monday, 13 December 2010 15:43:03 UTC